גבי, גָּבָה(√גב, v. גבב) to collect a bill, taxes ; to make ones self paid, to seize. Keth.90a, a. fr. if a later creditor (second mortgagee) שקדם וג׳ מה שג׳ ג׳ collected first, what he has collected is his own. B. Mets.13b גּוֹבֶה מנכסיםב״ח he may make himself paid of unmortgaged property. Keth.V, 1 גּוֹבָה את הכל she is entitled to the whole amount; a. v. fr.Lev. R. s. 11 the king sent a treasury officer לִגְבוֹת to collect (the delinquent taxes); Gen. R. s. 42 לִגְבוֹתָהּ; Tanḥ. Shmini 9. (Lev. R. l. c. וגבו אותו, read והכו, cmp. Gen. R. l. c. Ex. R. s. 30 מי ג׳ הימנו הדםוכ׳ who collected from him (punished him for) the blood on his hand? לא ישראל גָּבוּ אותווכ׳ not the Israelites collected it, but the Gibeonites did.Gen. R. s. 85; s. 92 end מצאב״ח מקום לגבותוכ׳ the creditor met with a chance to collect his bill, i. e. the Lord takes this occasion to visit our sins; a. fr.Part. pass. גָּבוּי collected, seized. B. Mets.58a על הַגָּ׳ counting on the Shekel contributions collected (though not yet delivered in the Temple treasury); Keth.108a; Y.Shek.II, beg.46c. Shebu.48b, a. fr. כג׳ דמי is considered as if collected (in the possession of the creditor); a. fr. Nif. נִגְבֶה 1) to be collected, to be collectible. B. Mets. l. c. על העתיד לִגָּבוֹת; Y. Shek. l. c. להִיגָּבוֹת on what is yet to be collected. Peah VIII, 7 הקופה נִגְבֵּית בשנים the charity fund must be collected by two persons; B. Bath.8b; Snh.17b; a. fr. 2) to be collected from, be taxed. Pesik. R. s. 10 לא היו נִיגְּבִיםוכ׳ they were not highly taxed; a. fr. Hif. הִגְבָּה to cause to be collected. Ḥall. III, 1 מַגְבַּהַת חלתה she orders the priests gift to be collected; v., however, גָּבַהּ. Gitt.35b הַגְבּוּהָ את השאר help her to collect the balance. Tosef.Sabb.VI (VII), 1 מגבה, v. גָּבַח.Part. pass. fem. מוּגְבָּה collected fund. Tanḥ. Emor 18.

Dictionary of the Targumim, the Talmud Babli and Yerushalmi, and the Midrashic Literature. . 1903.

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